We enter to learn, leave to achieve

Islamic education: Embark on a journey of knowledge where we enter to learn and exit equipped to achieve our highest aspirations.

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Hifz for Boys & Girls

The Hifz-Wa-Nazira Faculty specializes in memorization (Hifz) and recitation (Nazira) of the Quran, fostering Quranic expertise.

Online Alimiyat Urdu Course for Ladies

The Alimiyat Faculty focuses on Islamic scholarship, covering Aqeedah, Fiqh, Seerah religious studies, and related subjects for students.

Telugu Foundation Courses

The Foundation in Islamic Studies in Telugu offers an introductory exploration of Islamic principles, beliefs, and practices.

Diploma in Islamic Studies | Telugu

The Diploma in Islamic Studies in Telugu provides an in-depth understanding of Islam, its teachings, and practices.

Tajweed Courses for Kids

Tajweed courses tailored for kids, emphasizing proper pronunciation and recitation techniques in a supportive environment.

Coming Soon: Online Ijaaza Course in Specific Books by Esteemed Scholars

"Get ready for an upcoming online Ijaaza course featuring specific books by esteemed scholars. Coming soon!"