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Our Institute is committed to spreading beneficial knowledge that is easily affordable and will benefit not only individual students but also empower entire communities. Under the auspices of the “Imaam Ibn Kathir Education & Welfare Society” Regd No: 31/2021.

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Under the auspices of the "Imaam Ibn Kathir Education & Welfare Society

Introduction Our Campus

A good education is a foundation for a better future

Stand out from the crowd by learning your discipline from a different perspective.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide diverse Islamic courses across various subjects to students globally. By leveraging the experiences of our teachers, we aim to disseminate sacred knowledge and contribute to a broader understanding of Islamic studies worldwide.

Our Mission

We aim to globally offer diverse Islamic courses across various subjects. Achieving this goal involves our teachers sharing their experiences to disseminate sacred knowledge, fostering a comprehensive understanding of Islamic studies among students worldwide.

Our History

Our history is woven with a commitment to providing diverse Islamic courses globally. Through our teachers’ experiences, we disseminate sacred knowledge, nurturing a profound understanding of Islamic studies for students worldwide.

We Believe That Education Is An Important Aspect In Every Person’s Life

We strive for the highest standards of personal integrity, honesty and responsibility as Muslims first.

Our Faculties & Schools

Advancing knowledge and innovation for a better world

Our Islamic faculties and schools are dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation. Committed to shaping a better world, we empower individuals through education, promoting excellence and contributing to positive global progress.

Faculty of Urdu

The Urdu Islamic Faculty educates on Urdu language and Islamic studies, exploring language, culture, and religion.

Faculty of Alimiyat

The Alimiyat Faculty focuses on Islamic scholarship, covering religious studies, theology, and related subjects for students.

Faculty of Telugu

Faculty offers foundational Telugu courses rooted in Islamic teachings, catering to diverse learners' needs.

Faculty of Hifz-Wa-Nazira

The Hifz-Wa-Nazira Faculty specializes in memorization (Hifz) and recitation (Nazira) of the Quran, fostering Quranic expertise.

Faculty of Fiqh & Seerat

The Fiqh & Seerat Faculty concentrates on Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) and the study of Prophet Muhammad's life (Seerat).

Faculty of Islamic Studies

The Islamic Studies Faculty offers a comprehensive education in various aspects of Islam, including theology, history, and culture.

Our Academics

Developing caring learners who are actively growing and achieving

Our Islamic education focuses on developing caring learners who actively grow and achieve. Nurturing compassion and excellence, we inspire individuals to contribute positively to their communities and the world.
Academic excellence

"Striving for academic excellence: fostering knowledge, critical thinking, and lifelong learning for student success."

Across the globe

Referring to a widespread or worldwide presence, activities, or impact on a global scale.

I express gratitude to Allah for the opportunity to gain Islamic knowledge at this reputable institute. Thanks to the patient staff and teachers. I recommend it to those seeking religious knowledge. Ameen.

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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever

Embrace Islam’s teachings: live purposefully today and cultivate a lifelong commitment to learning, ensuring perpetual growth and wisdom.
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Why Choose Us

Why choose Ibn Kathir?

Choose Ibn Kathir for profound Islamic insights and scholarly wisdom, enriching your understanding of the Quran and Islamic history with authenticity.


Ibn Kathir's flexibility illuminates Islamic teachings, adapting to contemporary contexts while preserving traditional wisdom and values.


Ibn Kathir's flexibility underscores the quality of his interpretation, adapting Islamic teachings to modern contexts while preserving tradition.


Ibn Kathir's flexibility showcases his expertise, adapting Islamic teachings globally, uniting tradition with contemporary understanding for comprehensive insights.


Ibn Kathir's flexibility showcases his expertise, adapting Islamic teachings globally, uniting tradition with contemporary understanding for comprehensive insights.


Choose Ibn Kathir for unwavering support, his flexibility adapting Islamic teachings globally while upholding tradition and fostering a deeper understanding.


Ibn Kathir's flexible approach ensures Islamic teachings adapt globally, blending tradition with modern insights for understanding.

Our Teacher

Good Education Starts From Great Teachers

Great teachers lay the foundation for good education, fostering knowledge, inspiring curiosity, and shaping future leaders with wisdom.

A High Achieving Multicultural Community For Learning

An accomplished, diverse community dedicated to learning and embracing Islamic principles with cultural inclusivity.

F. A. Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions answered here for your convenience and quick access to valuable information.
Certainly. The student has the option to register for the courses he considers suitable. A study guide will be accessible shortly, inshallah.
While there are no specific formal requirements for students, a familiarity with reading Urdu and Arabic is advisable, as the covered texts will be in these languages.
Currently, the majority of the courses are at an introductory level in their respective sciences. Inshallah, as we progress, higher-level texts will be introduced.
Certainly. PDFs will be supplied at the commencement of each course.
We provide courses in Urdu and Arabic covering a range of subjects. Please click here to access our complete Course Catalog.

Nothing Beats Good Education For The Betterment Of A Student’s Future

Good Islamic education is unparalleled for shaping a student’s future positively, providing moral guidance and comprehensive knowledge for success.